Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0 2021


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Extra travel, extra fun. From rowdy enduro runs to backcountry missions on steep, chunky singletrack, this new composite 29er builds on the Trance 29 platform with beefed up suspension and adjustable frame geometry.

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This new member of the Trance family is designed with a longer travel suspension setup for added control on the most challenging trails. The full composite frame is engineered for 135mm of rear travel and 150mm up front. The Maestro rear suspension has a two-stage adjustable Advanced Forged Composite rocker arm with a trunnion-mount shock. The flip-chip equipped rocker arm lets you adjust frame geometry for your own riding style and terrain. To fine tune the ride, you can choose a steeper or slacker headtube angle (66.2 or 65.5 degrees) and seattube angle (77.9 or 77.2 degrees), which results in either a 30mm or 40mm bottom bracket drop. And it’s all built around 29-inch wheels for added stability on rugged terrain.


TallasS, M, L, XL
ColoresChrysocolla/Astral Aura/Chrome
CuadroAdvanced-Grade Composite front and rear triangles, 135mm Maestro suspension, flip chip
HorquillaFox 36 Factory Live Valve, FIT4, 44mm offset, 150mm, 15×110 Kabolt, custom tuned for Giant
AmortiguadorFox Float DPX2 Factory Live Valve, 185/55, custom tuned for Giant
ManillarGiant Contact SLR TR35, 780x35mm, 20mm rise
PotenciaGiant Contact SL 35
Tija de sillínFox Transfer Factory dropper with Shimano remote, 30.9
SillínGiant Romero SL
Manetas de cambioShimano Deore XT
Cambio traseroShimano Deore XTR
FrenosShimano Deore XT
Palancas de frenosShimano Deore XT
CasetteShimano Deore XT, 10×51
Jgo. platos y bielasShimano Deore XT, 30t with MRP AMG V2 Carbon guide
Caja de pedalierShimano, press fit
LlantasGiant TRX-1 29 WheelSystem
BujesGiant TRX-1 29 WheelSystem
RadiosGiant TRX-1 29 WheelSystem
Cubiertas[F] Maxxis Minion DHF 29×2.5, 3C, Max Terra, EXO, TR [R] Maxxis Dissector 29×2.4, 3C, Max Terra, EXO, TR, tubeless
Extrastubeless prepared
Peso¿Cuánto pesa la bici? Es una pregunta clásica e importante. No existe ningún estándar en la industria de la bicicleta que permita comparar el peso de una bicicleta de una marca a otra. Lo que a menudo conduce a informaciones erróneas. Las diferencias descansan en las tallas, los materiales utilizados, los elementos incluidos o nó en la evaluación del peso. Nosotros consideramos que la única forma de evaluar el peso de una bici es, sencillamente, probándola.

Tallas de cuadro

Longitud del tubo del sillín (mm) (inch)43016.943016.946518.3
Ángulo del tubo del sillín (degrees)77,2° | 77,9°77,2° | 77,9°77,2° | 77,9°
Longitud del tubo superior (mm) (mm) (inch)56622,3 | 56422,259723,5 | 59523,462924,8 | 62724,7
Longitud del tubo de dirección (mm) (mm) (inch)953.71003.91104.3
Ángulo del tubo de dirección (degrees)65,5° | 66,2°65,5° | 66,2°65,5° | 66,2°
Inclinación de la horquilla (mm) (inch)441.7441.7441.7
Trail (mm) (mm) (inch)125,14,9 | 119,54,7125,14,9 | 119,54,7125,14,9 | 119,74,7
Distancia entre ejes (mm) (mm) (inch)117346,2 | 117146,1120547,4 | 120347,4123948,8 | 123848,7
 Longitud de la vaina (mm) (mm) (inch)43817,2 | 43517,143817,2 | 43517,143817,2 | 43517,1
Caída de la caja de pedalier (mm) (mm) (inch)401,6 | 301,2401,6 | 301,2401,6 | 301,2
Stack (mm) (mm) (inch)61724,3 | 61124,162124,4 | 61524,263124,8 | 62424,6
Reach (mm) (mm) (inch)42616,8 | 43417,145618 | 46418,348619,1 | 49419,4
Altura del suelo al tubo (mm) (mm) (inch)72928,7 | 73829,172928,7 | 7372975229,6 | 76130
Ancho del manillar (mm) (mm) (inch)80031.580031.580031.5
Longitud de la potencia (mm) (mm) (inch)401.6401.6502
Longitud de las bielas (mm) (mm) (inch)1656.51706.71706.7
Tamaño de ruedas292929


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